Learning as a group can be fun and inspiring. The synergy of a group can be intoxicating and powerful. This is especially true when the participants are 100% ready to let go of limiting beliefs, thinking, feelings, and behaviors and eager to embrace a new way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

It’s also fun for me when participants aren’t quite sure about a change. When participating in speaking engagements, I love to empower people to check-in with themselves and see where they are and what they are needing. Everything I do comes with the intention of empowering people to listen to their own inner wisdom and do what’s best for themselves.

Looking for someone to make an impact on your employees or group? Look no further! I’d love to work with you… and I love to travel! Send me an email to discuss!

If you’re interested in having some new tools in your toolbox, learning as a group is a fun way to do it! We will weave the tools from the Mindfulness Mindset™ with the skills and knowledge of the group. It’s a fun, collaborative process!

Current Group Learning

2o22 Classes

Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Monthly Class

Those of us with the Entrepreneurial Spirit are unique. We have unique needs that often go unrealized or unmet. 

Ask yourself:

  • Who nurtures you, the nurturer that you are?
  • How do you stay focused?
  • Who helps keep you accountable?
  • How do you get clarity when making big decisions?
  • How do you stay motivated and driven?
  • Who supports your out-of-the-box thinking?
  • Where do you go for peace and quiet?
  • How do you get centered and grounded?
  • Who feeds your soul?
  • Who helps you Level-Up?

What does the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” mean?

The “Entrepreneurial Spirit” means you are driven, a calculated risk-taker, an out-of-the-box thinker, you often follow your heart, and you GET SHIT DONE!

Do I need to be a business owner?

Nope. If this description speaks to you and you are needing this opportunity in your life, please join us!

If you are a business owner, this is a wonderful professional development tax write-off!

Here’s what participants are saying:

“This class has been so impactful to my overall growth and development as a person and a professional. While I was expecting to overcome my limiting beliefs as a therapist, I was surprised by how well this group helped me to work through these as a whole person. I was continuously reminded to focus on allowing, trusting, and embracing my best self, rather than letting fears and the need to control, lead how I approach life. I am so grateful for this space and time to develop into a more empowered and compassionate version of myself.”

“Since working with Megan, I have found myself becoming calmer, more thoughtful and mindful. The processes which Megan has guided me through have been incredibly beneficial for my life and my life situations. I’m in a stressful field of business and her guidance has helped me to take a deep (and mindful) breath!”

This year-long group fosters:

  • Individual Growth
  • Self-Compassion
  • Connection and Community
  • Accountability

12-Month Group Program – Begins January 2022!!

This 12-Month program meets once per month on the fourth Friday of every month (third Friday in November and December due to holidays) for 90-minutes ONLINE.

You and your like-minded classmates will learn to:

    • Get grounded by learning to focus your attention on the task at hand,
    • Regulate emotions and calm your mind and body,
    • Find a balance that works for you at this time,
    • Set appropriate boundaries at work and at home,
    • Settle into your ever-growing self-awareness,
    • Let go of limiting beliefs, worry, anxiety, and fear, and
    • Embrace the mindset that you are good enough and you do deserve all the wonderful things life has to offer.

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Let That S#!t Go! Mindfulness Meditation

Do you feel like you have some mental, emotional, and even behavioral “letting go” to do? Need to make some space and get clarity before you’re able to fully accomplish all you are ready to accomplish? Well, here’s the perfect opportunity!

Years ago I created this one-hour guided meditation and offered it in-person to great success. I decided to make it easily accessible for all by making it an online course.

This is not just something nice to listen to, this one-hour course contains specific techniques that help relax your conscious mind so that you can work with your subconscious mind to loosen the hold on your limiting beliefs that you are ready to move beyond.

This 1-hour guided meditation will help you Let that S#!t Go! Enjoy!

 Now an Online Course

2022 Retreat

Nurturing the Nurturer: Rejuvenation Retreat for Women

January 18-21, 2022

Indian Springs Resort & Spa: Calistoga, CA

Who nurtures you, the busy woman that you are?

This is a question I ask many of the people I work with. Oftentimes I get blank stares. No one ever asks us that question. And we tend not to ask ourselves that question because we’re avoiding the answer…

2022 is my year to offer more group-focused events. We’ve all been cooped up during Covid and it’s time to BREAK FREE. This is the nurturing girl’s trip you’ve always wanted but perhaps just didn’t have the right people to go with.

There will be some light programming to review 2021 and to set goals and intentions for 2022 and lots of self-care, self-compassion, laughter, and lightness.

This is your chance to review the past year and be intentional about the upcoming year.

Is this only for Entrepreneurs?

Nope! This is for all female nurturers who are driven, calculated risk-takers, out-of-the-box thinkers, those who follow their hearts, and GET SHIT DONE! AND, perhaps you’re tired of the pace in which you’re moving and need a bit of downtime or a girl’s trip to look forward to! That’s really who this trip is for!

Also, you’d be surprised by how many husbands and partners think this is an AWESOME idea for their wives and partners! Oftentimes men are great at taking guy trips or golf trips. They WANT their wives and partners to experience the same!

Pairing this with the 2022 Monthly Class (mentioned below) is highly recommended to keep your momentum for nurturing, self-compassion, self-care, and working to accomplish BIG things in 2022!

Specific details are being worked out as we speak but sign up below for the preliminary details and itinerary.

2022 Retreat is SOLD OUT!

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Past Classes

Mindfulness Through Creativity: Collage and Vision Boards

Cultivating Mindfulness can happen in many ways.

Our Mindfulness Through Creativity series is for adults who are interested in getting out of their heads (overthinking) and be more in the present moment using creative expression. This is also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people!!

This 3-hour event includes all supplies for making collages and vision boards. You are welcome to bring any materials you would like to use or share. Light snacks will be served. BYOB. At Louisville Mindfulness Center!