The last two decades of my life have been devoted to helping people live their most optimal life.

Some people work with me to deal effectively with a major life event. For others, it’s to learn new ways to deal with stress.

Whatever the reason is for seeking my help, likely it’s ultimately to feel better. Plain and simple. Most of us don’t like discomfort. Few of us know how to make friends with the discomfort and just be in it and with it.

My years of experience helping people have allowed me to see what works most effectively most of the time with most people. I keep coming back to a simple set of tools that I keep in my toolbox and share with my clients.

I call this toolbox full of tools the Mindfulness Mindset™ and I’m excited to share them with you.

What’s wonderful about these skills and tools is that they will transcend all areas of your life.

Together, here’s what we can accomplish:

  • Better understand yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and what you need in any situation.
  • Communicate and connect with people in an effective, respectful, and kind way.
  • Learn to set boundaries in ways that feel best to you.
  • View situations from multiple perspectives so you can see all your options.
  • Stop wasting energy on things you can’t control.
  • Acknowledge and practice self-compassion in a way that benefits you and everyone around you.

Upon learning these tools, one client began referring to me as Yoda. I laughed and said, “Teach you, I will.” Best. Compliment. Ever.

Here are some ways for us to work together:

Whichever method of learning you choose, I look forward to working with you!

Are you ready to shift your perspective and mindset? I’d love to share with you my publication, “Five Ways To See Mindfulness Differently.”