Hello! I’m so glad to meet you!

I consider myself a “recovering” Type-A personality and a “recovering” perfectionist who is learning and practicing every day to embrace the present moment and incorporate (my version of) fun into life. That’s right! Sometimes us Type-As, or perfectionists take things way more seriously than is needed. This not only puts a damper on ourselves, but it tends to also negatively affect those around us as well. We are often highly intelligent, high-achieving, and have overly high standards and expectations for ourselves (and subsequently, those around us). Without realizing it, this sets us (and those around us) up for failure. You’ve heard the saying, “You’re the only one standing in your own way.” The harder we are on ourselves, the harder (the more stressed, more anxious, more easily irritable) we make a life for ourselves (and by default, our loved ones).

Why do we keep doing this?

Simple. Oftentimes there are areas of life where this has served us very well – in school, sports, work, etc. We have had a level of success being this way, so we think we need to maintain our way of being (maintain the equilibrium) to maintain our level of success.

Or what if we were able to make some simple, easy, small adjustments that will shift our perspective just enough to see things from a broader vantage point which gives us more options. The more options we have, the less stuck we feel. This provides us with some relief from stress and enhances our way of being to catapult our success to new heights. Remember, you are the only one standing in your way.

Don’t believe me?

Give me a chance to show you! These are all skills and tools I teach to help you live your most optimal life.


I was born in California (Santa Cruz!) and grew up in Seattle. In the late ‘90s, I graduated from the University of Washington – Go Dawgs – and moved to Arizona. After living in Tucson for a bit, I decided to get my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. From there I moved to Austin, Texas for 11 years and now I’m back in Louisville (which I love!).

I own Louisville Mindfulness Center where our mission is to help you find peace and joy within yourself and your relationships through therapy, mindfulness education, and creativity from a mindfulness-based perspective.

I practice therapy in the states in which I am licensed, Kentucky and Texas, and love teaching mindfulness to all people, hence the development of the Mindfulness Mindset™.

I have loved living all across the United States and have been lucky enough to travel the world. I love meeting new people and exploring new cultures. When I’m not teaching mindfulness, providing media contributions, attending public speaking events or board meetings, you’ll find me being silly with my family, reading (a lot!), practicing yoga (a little), and being creative (always!).

I look forward to working with you!