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RESET: Six Powerful Exercises to Refocus Your Attention on What Works & Let Go of What Doesn’t

By Megan Bayles Bartley
Published Dec 3, 2022, by Yes and Publishing

RESET was born out of two decades worth of mindfulness classes, therapy and coaching sessions, and retreats offered around the world, Author, Megan Bayles Bartley, pours all her best techniques into these practical exercises that make sense and are easy to use. Creating win-win scenarios, Bartley encourages readers to connect with themselves and see what is best
for them at this time. A truly empowering book, Bartley reassures readers they always have a choice in each new moment, and they can always change their minds.

RESET will help you get focused and stay focused on your “THEME” for the year as well as:

1) be inspired to give yourself more grace in your everyday life,

2) speak to yourself more kindly and gently,

3) set yourself up for success rather than failure, and

4) look for win-win scenarios for yourself in your day-to-day life.

Now, who couldn’t use that? Give it a try! What have you got to lose?!


“This book is very well thought out and put together. I refer to it continually to stay on track with my goals and aspirations.”

“I loved this book because it was thorough with its prompts and its guidance to help me on my journey. There is a purpose to it and it will help throughout the year with my thought and my goals.”

“This book is the jump start I needed. It dives deep into processing our goal (or theme) moving forward but also reviews a bit of the past. These exercises are perfect prompts to engage the mind and open the heart. It enabled me to utilize the guided journal to its fullest capacity.”

“This book was a much-needed RESET to delve into myself. Megan’s work has always been so helpful in attaining what I wanted in life. This book followed a path that narrowed down what I want to set goals for my future and made me feel good about myself here and now. I’m so glad I read this book!!”

Don’t Go To Sleep

By Megan Bayles Bartley
Published July 30, 2018, by Yes and Publishing Company.Don't Go To Sleep

Is bedtime a struggle at your house?  Does your child fight going to sleep? Have you tried multiple methods for good sleep hygiene and nothing seems to work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Don’t Go To Sleep is for you!

Author, therapist, and mother, Megan B. Bartley, struggled at bedtime with her daughter for years. She tried multiple techniques and therapies over the years to help her daughter relax and fall asleep easily and quickly. Finally, she developed and practiced a guided meditation with her daughter at bedtime with great success. Her 4-year-old daughter liked it so much she began requesting it at bedtime. Megan wrote down her guided meditation and the result is this book.

This light and playful book combines multiple therapeutic and healing techniques to help kids let go of fears and worries that clog their minds at bedtime. It also shifts the energy spent worrying or being afraid. This energy is moved into the body so it can be observed and invited to relax and let go.

This book is written in a way to be beneficial for both the child and the parent. Children tune in to their parent’s emotions. If mom and dad are stressed or tense at bedtime, their children are likely to be stressed and tense too. This book naturally encourages parents to relax as they are reading the book with the thought that the child will follow their lead.

Former Major League Baseball pitcher and father of three, Erik Schullstrom, illustrated the book.

What People Are Saying

“What a great way to help both parents and children stay connected, calm, and turn bedtimes into a special occasion. Megan brings creativity, playfulness, and teaches parents how to calm themselves and slow down to help their kids feel peaceful at bedtime.”

“Since working with Megan, I have become calmer, more thoughtful and mindful. The processes which Megan has guided me through have been incredibly beneficial for my life and my life situations. I’m in a stressful field of business and her guidance has helped me to take a deep (and mindful) breath!”

“If you need direction, help in living a more mindful life, Megan is perfect! She is so insightful and uses many methods to help her clients reach happiness. I would recommend her hands down!”

“Megan is such an incredibly knowledgeable, creative thinker who is very solution oriented. She is an open thinker who uses mindfulness training to achieve success with her clients. I am continually impressed with her compassion and insightfulness. Definitely a wise choice!”

About the Author

As a young girl, Megan B. Bartley said she’d grow up to be a child psychologist and children’s book author. She has “grown-up” to become a nationally renowned relationship therapist and consultant. She loves helping adults heal themselves and their relationships using mindfulness techniques.

Megan holds a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and clinical fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Megan is married with two kiddos and one fur baby, PugPuggy. She currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where she is the founding director of Louisville Mindfulness Center.

Don’t Go To Sleep is her first book.

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