Anger Management

Irritability and anger comes in all shapes, sizes, and demonstrations.  Whether you get LOUD and BIG when you feel angry or irritable or you get quiet, withdrawn, and ultimately shut down, there is a lot of feelings and emotions going on that need understanding.  

I have a special place in my heart for you because I spent a lot of time being irritable and angry over things I now realize I had no control over. It was useless for me to experience these emotions and feelings, so I decided to transform them.

Through my research and experience, I have found understanding and peace – a peace that permeates all areas of life and relationships. I want to share this peace with you.

You can let go of the irritability and anger once you understand what is going on inside of you (emotions, bodily sensations, triggers, etc.) and outside of you (others, environment, etc.).  It doesn’t take long to start to “get it”. What can take time is letting go of the resistance to change.​

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