couples counseling, marriage therapy, anger management, louisville kentuckyRelationships are everywhere! Just look around. You are in relationship with yourself, your significant other, your parents, children, friends, neighbors, boss, co-workers, God or a Higher Power…

My mission is to help you make those relationships great!

Working together, here’s what we can accomplish:

  •      ​​Communicate and CONNECT effectively
  •      Understand and manage your feelings and emotions as they happen
  •      Set appropriate boundaries with ease
  •      Stop overthinking things
  •      Stop wasting energy on things you can’t control
  •      ​Experience more JOY, LOVE, and PEACE on a daily basis​

I specialize in helping people interested in:

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Learn about my background, my approach, and what I do when I’m not working on my practice.

Keep Louisville Mindful

I’m helping to keep Louisville mindful. Learn what mindfulness is and how it differs from meditation with me!


I specialize in helping people with anger management, change, and their marriages & relationships.

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