2018 Monthly Mindfulness Meditations:

  • Friday, January 26  5:30-6:30pm

Join us for a 1-Hour Therapeutic Mindfulness Meditation designed to actively help you let go of any unwanted thoughts, emotions, or behaviors including, but not limited to: general stress, stress at work, stress in a relationship, anxiety, anger, irritability, and depression,

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Weekly Mindfulness and Stress Management Group:

If you are interested in finding out more about our Weekly Mindfulness and Stress Management, please send us an email!


Louisville Mindfulness Center

Due to the high demand for services, I am happy to announce that I have two therapists, Steward Morgan and Maggie Cox, working in my practice.

Our mission at Louisville Mindfulness Center is to help you find peace and joy within yourself and your relationships through therapy, coaching, and classes from a mindfulness-based perspective.

We want to make sure you have practical, easy-to-use tools in your toolbox to deal with all of life’s stressors.

Our one-on-one sessions with individuals, couples, kids, teens, and families give you tools tailored to your specific needs.

Group classes and one-hour mindfulness meditations are affordable ways for introducing you and your friends to our approach to mindfulness. They are also helpful when needing a mindfulness refresher or to help you “get back on track”. Most participants love our offerings and often attend on an ongoing-basis.

Our goal is to help you decrease anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, and fear as well as constant “spinning” thoughts. The coping skills we teach are specifically designed to calm your body and rewire your brain so you feel at more peace and joy. Now who doesn’t want that! We look forward to meeting you.

Still not sure about Louisville Mindfulness Center? Check out what other people are saying about us.

“Megan has a passion for helping me become the best version of myself. Her specialties have been guiding me from my current emotional, mental challenges through exploration, healing and acceptance.” – C.S.

“Megan is a breath of fresh air! I come away from meeting with her feeling enlightened.” – C.D.

“…I am a type “A” person who thrives on being “on”, but living like that can cause circuit overload. These classes have been a tremendous educational experience that have taught me to still my mind and live in the moment.” – S.S.

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