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Chronic Stress is Contributing to Your Anxiety and Depression

What a great video! I love that it drives home the point that we will always have stress in our lives and how we RESPOND to it is what matters most. If you are continually angry, sad, frustrated, or irritable, and your relationships are suffering because of it, you may need help “resetting” yourself emotionally. That’s where I can help!

12 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone

A client shared this article with me.  She said it summed up a lot of what we have worked on in therapy.  Sometimes we need permission to do things differently from how we’ve always done them.

Same story, same results.  Different story, different results.

​What does your new story entail?

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Standing Before You Walk (or Run!)

Crawling, Standing, Walking, Running…oh, the process of life. Here it is, plain and simple.  For those of us who want something NOW, it’s important to remember that before we were able to run, first we walked, stood, and crawled. 

If you are feeling impatient about something ask yourself if you are in the perfect place to receive that thing RIGHT NOW or if there are things you need to complete to make the space more inviting for what it is you want – the perfect relationship, job, living situation. As we create the most inviting space for what we want (and not just doing a bunch of busy work) and combine it with some Trust (trust in the Universe, God, ourselves) we will begin to experience Flow. Babies don’t do a lot of thinking about when they’re going to crawl or walk or run.  They try and try again with the same goal in mind.  They are focused but they don’t over think it.  And they are trusting and determined. And they accomplish the task at hand. It just happens. 

And there are usually some people around encouraging them and supporting them. They notice and appreciate the praise and attention and keep trying.

The flow of life, of gratitude, of joy, of peace will help you accomplish anything you put your mind to because, of course, you’re in the Flow!

Are you experiencing this ever-powerful feeling of “Being in the Flow”? Are you aware of and listening to the people around you who are encouraging and supportive?  Or are you sabotaging yourself and have a mindset of “it will never happen” or “I can’t…” I love helping people find their Flow! And they love it even more! Email me at and we’ll help you get there!​