Book Review: The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep

I am impressed with this book.  It has worked wonders for my 6 year old and 3 year old.  Bedtime is very different these days!!

Check it out for yourself!​

Feeling Joy First Leads To Success

“…the measure of success is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.”

Take a minute and think about a time when you felt pure joy. Oftentimes we think of moments that were life-defining. When we proposed to our sweetheart and heard “YES!” Or maybe our wedding day, or the day our first child was born, or when we got that new job, that raise or promotion.  Unfortunately for many of us our emotions fluctuate fairly rapidly and it’s rare that we can maintain that feeling of pure joy.  But what if it didn’t have to be this way? What if we could live joyful, or joy-filled, lives and experience this joy a majority of the time? Well, we can!

“Yeah, right!” I hear you saying.  Give me a minute to explain… What we’re talking about is viewing your life from a bit of a different perspective.  Instead of a perspective of LACK – “I’ll feel joy when I get that raise, meet the right person, lose 20 lbs, etc.” – and shift into a thinking of ABUNDANCE – “Everything is exactly as it needs to be. All I need to be is myself. Everything I need to know is already within me.” See the difference?

Here’s what I want you to try: Write down the above messages of Abundance on sticky notes and stick them on places you look often – on the microwave, on your dashboard, at the bathroom mirror, on your computer screen. Make an effort to look at the messages and remember that feeling of Joy.  Soon you’ll start to associate the two together – the feeling of Joy with the message “Everything is exactly as it needs to be.” Stick with it for 21-30 days and see what happens.  This is how long it takes to make a shift in belief, perspective or behavior change.  You are actually building new neural pathways in your brain.  The more attention you give the new perspective, and don’t give attention to the former perspective, the stronger the new perspective of Abundance becomes and the perspective of Lack begins to die off.  Remember, what we feed, grows. Give it a try!  What do you have to lose?!

When we focus on Joy FIRST, our lives will begin to shift so we experience success in multiple areas.  If there is an area that seems like a problem area now – your relationship, your job, your living situation – they will work themselves out as you are focusing on joy.  This might mean they will begin to bring you joy in new ways because you are seeing them differently OR see clearly now that there is no way they will bring you joy and you will make confident decisions to move beyond them.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to feel Joy AND Confidence?!  Oh yeah, it can happen.  You can do it.  Stay focused and give it 21-30 days.  Be gentle with yourself. You will mess up but chalk it up to a learning experience and keep moving forward. Growth comes with growing pangs. And if you find you need some help, I’m always here to be a guide (and cheerleader!). Keep at it! I believe in you!​

Your Brain on Gratitude

Here is a wonderful article by a colleague of mine from Austin, TX – Jiovann Carrasco, LPC-S.

Read on…

Your Brain on Gratitude


Standing Before You Walk (or Run!)

Crawling, Standing, Walking, Running…oh, the process of life. Here it is, plain and simple.  For those of us who want something NOW, it’s important to remember that before we were able to run, first we walked, stood, and crawled. 

If you are feeling impatient about something ask yourself if you are in the perfect place to receive that thing RIGHT NOW or if there are things you need to complete to make the space more inviting for what it is you want – the perfect relationship, job, living situation. As we create the most inviting space for what we want (and not just doing a bunch of busy work) and combine it with some Trust (trust in the Universe, God, ourselves) we will begin to experience Flow. Babies don’t do a lot of thinking about when they’re going to crawl or walk or run.  They try and try again with the same goal in mind.  They are focused but they don’t over think it.  And they are trusting and determined. And they accomplish the task at hand. It just happens. 

And there are usually some people around encouraging them and supporting them. They notice and appreciate the praise and attention and keep trying.

The flow of life, of gratitude, of joy, of peace will help you accomplish anything you put your mind to because, of course, you’re in the Flow!

Are you experiencing this ever-powerful feeling of “Being in the Flow”? Are you aware of and listening to the people around you who are encouraging and supportive?  Or are you sabotaging yourself and have a mindset of “it will never happen” or “I can’t…” I love helping people find their Flow! And they love it even more! Email me at and we’ll help you get there!​

Think The Thoughts You Want To Think

What we give attention to and think about is where our focus resides. Let’s make sure we’re thinking about things we want out of life rather than things we wish we weren’t encountering.

Unsure how to stop thinking about the things you don’t want? Imagine them as leaves in a stream floating by, not harming anything, just not needed. Notice them, then let them continue down stream. By letting them go you’re creating space for the thoughts you do want.

Have you tried this and you still can’t focus on the more positive things you want out of life? Send me an email and we’ll figure it out together. I love helping people get what they want out of life!

Team Mentality

Any time we have an adversarial attitude toward something we give that thing power.  If we are the warrior and we are fighting against something that is currently in power we are admitting we don’t have power but we are trying to get it. But as long as we are battling and fighting we are not in control or have power and just keep feeding a viscous cycle that rarely ends.

What if instead we looked at things from more of a team or troupe mentality.  On a team you have all levels of players and you’re in this thing together. You may not really know everyone on your team or even like some of the participants very much but your are still a team. You help support each other and you’re working toward a common goal.
So if you’re facing a situation that seems like a hardship, close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and ask yourself, “What am I supposed to learn from this? What am I supposed to do with this situation?” and keep asking yourself these questions until you get (hear, feel, “just know”) an answer. If you go some time without hearing an answer it might not be that there isn’t one it might just be that you can’t hear it yet.  Slow yourself down, quiet your mind, and be still for a few moments. And listen.  Your answer is there waiting for you. ​
If you just can’t seem to slow down or quiet your mind, email me. I love helping people get to that quiet space where they can listen!​

Allowing Enough Room For All

Thought for the Day

Information and energy and emotion flows in and out of us constantly. But sometimes we hold on to stuff we don’t need and/or we block getting the things we need.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes and ask yourself: What is it that I need to release? Notice what pops in your head.

On the flip side, there are also things we need to receive. Again, take a deep breath and ask yourself: What is it I need to receive? Notice what comes to you.

Meditation Opportunity February 28, 2015 Louisville, KY

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Living from a place of gratitude is priceless in so many ways but there is something else that must happen first. I must be WILLING TO LET GO OF THE NEED for my current way of being.

For example, getting annoyed by my spouse and continually complaining about my marriage SERVES A PURPOSE.  Maybe I see aspects of myself in my spouse that I don’t like about myself and wish were different. Maybe being annoyed and complaining keeps a distance between us that makes being in an intimate relationship “safer” or less intense. Maybe I don’t believe I deserve to be in a “good” or happy marriage so I sabotage it.

Is there something in your life in which you are consistently negative? What purpose does it serve you to hold on to this negativity? Are you ready to let go of it and live life with a new gr-attitude?