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Every therapist is different. Plain and simple.  If you’ve been to one therapist, you’ve been to one therapist.

I am…

  • Open-minded
  • Supportive
  • Direct
  • Balanced

Mindfulness and meditation is a big part of my practice.  I have found this approach calming and centering for clients who feel “scattered” or “overthink” things.  This is a simple and straightforward approach that does wonders for individuals dealing with anger, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

About MeMegan B. Bartley is rated one of the best marriage counselors in Louisville Kentucky

I was born in California, but grew up in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington while living there. I decided to get my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Over my life, I have lived all across the United States and have been lucky enough to travel the world. When I’m not working on my practice, my media contributions, attending a public speaking event or a board meeting, you’ll find me being silly with my family, reading, practicing yoga, and being creative.

I am honored to be named one of the “Three Best Marriage Counselors in Louisville, KY” by threebestrated.com. Besides seeing clients in my private practice I also contribute to the media, such as Today’s Woman magazine and do public speaking. I am also a board member of GLOW, Greater Louisville Outstanding Women, which supports the ‘best of the best’ women in business.

I am a published author of a fun and silly book for parents to read to kiddos at bedtime called “Don’t Go To Sleep.” It is a method I created for my 4 year-old daughter that worked wonderfully. Essentially it is a guided meditation that helps parents calm down and relax just as much as kiddos! My hope is that it will work just as well for other families! It’s worth a try!


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I specialize in helping people with anger management, change, and their marriages & relationships.

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